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For 여성구인구직 example, ZipRecruiter shows the average salary for a junior blockchain developer per year in the US at $120,748. Similar numbers are provided by, which says blockchain engineers salaries in the US are $136,000 a year. Blockchain developers are second highest paid in New York City, right after game engineers, at a median salary of $137,000 per year.

With a median salary above $150,000 per year for seasoned developers, and $110,000 per year for beginners, there is an obvious opportunity to make a large six-figure income as a Blockchain developer. Blockchain is consistently one of the highest-paying fields in programming, where developers make $150,000-$175,000 on average annually as salaried employees. Developers The median base salary of a developer working in blockchain is $125,700 a year, with the lowest being $80,000, and the highest being $118,000.

According to PayScale, the median blockchain developer salary is considerably lower ($ 108,000 per year), but this is calculated from other positions which mention only blockchain as an associated skill. For the average Blockchain developer who has substantial knowledge of this field and related certifications, salaries could be anywhere between $3,034.55 USD and 29,131.68 USD. Experience is one of the best factors that a job title, and also an average salary for a Blockchain developer, depends upon.

Blockchain is a broad field that requires large array of skills, which allows a person to be considered as successful developer. You can acquire specialized Blockchain skills with the help of specialized training, such as taking an online course. As a Blockchain enthusiast, the best Blockchain career online courses will provide you with the necessary skill set and the edge you need to get yourself into a good job role with a good starting salary for a Blockchain developer.

If you are looking for a free course, you can enroll today to the free online Blockchain basics course by Great Learning Academy and unleash your dream career. If you are a blockchain tech enthusiast, you can easily land yourself a well-paying developer position in the field.

Since blockchain industry is a developing field, experienced developers in the field of blockchain technology are hard to come by, so companies are more commonly looking for software developers who have no previous experience with blockchain technology, but have the desired skill-set to quickly learn the new information technology field. Blockchain is a rather new field to be working in, but also has high opportunities to succeed.

With blockchain technology evolving, the main developers are also working to integrate all of the technological improvements into the network. After core developers have safely created a blockchain architecture that has all protocols intact, software developers leverage it for developing decentralized software or applications.

While blockchain developers are expected to be familiar with the most popular programming languages, as well as being flexible and curious about the emerging technologies, there are some specific skills that they are expected to have, which greatly impact a blockchain developers salary. Because blockchain is such a new thing, Blockchain experts who command 6-figure salaries may only have 2-4 years experience in Blockchain (although it is quite possible that they have several years experience in other software).

With limited skilled blockchain professionals on the crypto market, salaries offered are very competitive. The increasing demand for blockchain talent, as well as the scarce skillset that they possess, have contributed to the relatively higher salaries, higher than the average for technology. Blockchain is a relatively new and growing field, meaning that the job market for blockchain professionals is likely still going through some changes, and that average blockchain salaries could shift in the future.

In this guide, I am going to give you an in-depth breakdown of the pay of a blockchain developer, taking into account factors such as location and level of experience that influence salary distribution. The salaries of blockchain developers differ depending on different factors like location, company, years of experience, skills. As in any other job, your skills and experience will affect the salary that is offered to you, which may be affected by the location too.

ZipRecruiter reports that most salaries fall in the $124,500 to $203,000 range, with skills, experience, and location being the main factors. Based on data from Glassdoor, the median salary for a first-time developer, someone with 1 to 3 years experience, is $96,676. Senior software developers easily make $110,000 per year, and junior software developers make around $90,000 per year.

For instance, according to ZipRecruiter, the median salary of a blockchain developer in New York is $141,473, while the median in California is $136,052 a year, and the median in Arizona is $125,870. In the USs tech-heavy regions, like Silicon Valley, New York, and Boston, Blockchain developers average yearly salaries are $158K/yr, compared with around $140K/yr for software developers. In the United Kingdom, startups pay developers for a new blockchain at a rate no higher than 50-60 thousand dollars a year, and larger companies pay between 90-140 thousand dollars.

In the prosperous country of Switzerland, blockchain developers are paid even more than developers in the US, between $120,000 to $180,000 per year, all thanks to active ICO, crypto, and government investment attraction in the blockchain sector. shares just one median Solidity developer salary in the US, which is tied with Ethereum developers salaries, at $127,500 per year. An experienced developer, who has nearly 2-4 years experience with software, and has between zero to one years of Blockchain tech experience, earns a median salary of $1,64,761 USD annually, the highest recorded senior Blockchain developer salary.

IBM offers nothing less than best in class computer consulting services on the world market and offers a median salary of $10,560.82 USD for Blockchain experts, with highest Blockchain developer salary being $23,066.49 USD and lowest being $6,191.53 USD.

Since formal degrees still carry weight in the job market, having one may give you a competitive edge in your job search and when you are negotiating salary (at least in your first job). If you are a labor force rookie, internships are another option, in which you learn job skills before applying to a permanent position. In addition to completing a degree and/or completing a non-traditional education, staying current on ever-evolving technology within the blockchain industry could boost your pay.